Name: Keir Lewis

Education: King's College, University of Cambridge

Course: Computer Science

Graduation: 2020

CV: KeirLewisCV.pdf


Make something cool;

Jazz Dash
The best method of learning is doing so I learnt OOP concepts by making an Android game. Jazz Dash is an endless runner in which you have to jump and slide to avoid obstacles while hitting bad guys with a baseball bat. It was made using LibGDX over a week or so and has taught me that making pixel art is a pain.
Markov Text Generator

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I experimented with Markov Chains for text generation. Starting with a big corpus of tweets, I tried a model on individual letters, then individual words for first, second, and third order. I settled on a second order model using entire words so that sensible sentences were produced without just recreating the input data.
Snazzy Snake
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I made an Android game that involves no pixel art. This one took a couple of days and is simply a snake clone with good gesture controls and snazzy colours.
Chess Bot
I could have learnt to get better at chess, but I didn't have the time so I wrote some code to play the chess for me. The chess bot that uses a minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning to calculate moves. It has weightings for pieces and board positions for specific pieces. The hardest part about this project was not writing the algorithm to win at chess, but was writing the algorithms for keeping track of the rules and generating all possible moves for all possible pieces in a fast and efficient way.